Letterbox Security

Gem Cam Lock

Just how secure is your letterbox? What could happen if your mail was stolen? Securing your letterbox can ensure that your personal details and private information can't be stolen.

Avoid Mail Theft and Identity Fraud

As reported by the ABC, when thieves broke into Rhonda's supposedly secure mailbox she thought it was just another ordinary theft. But five months later alerted by a text message from her bank asking her to confirm if she had changed her mobile number she checked her account to find it empty.

Our own mail may offer the same personal details about us which can be easily obtained and used by criminals for illegal activity such as fraud, identity theft, and the associated loss and unnecessary stress. As a result, it is vital that your mail and personal details are secure from threat. This can be achieved by seeking assistance from the qualified locksmiths at Northside Locksmiths and fitting your mailbox with a quality cam lock.

How Secure is Your Letterbox?

Vulnerabilities of the common Cam Lock generally fitted to the average letterbox:

  • The Key Code is on the face of the lock allowing its duplication without your permission.
  • Low Security 5 disc, 3 depth key cylinders that are easily picked.
  • Many are operated by single master key which can be sold to anyone, no questions asked.

The Solution to Letterbox Security

If you are in an apartment or private home, consider having your common type cam lock replaced with a high security mailbox cam lock that does not show the key code on the face of the lock, is pick resistant and is not operated by any master keys.

The pictured Gem Cam Lock is one option. Other options include BiLock or Abloy which offer even greater security.

Unfortunately, identity theft is on the rise in Queensland. If you would like to upgrade your mail box security contact Northside Locksmiths, one of Brisbane's oldest locksmithing businesses on 07 3350 2077.